Monday, 24 November 2008

Our list of films is long

Here is a rough working list of films that we are interested screening. We'll add details, link to information and make additions to the films listed here:

Blue Collar, 1978 Paul Schrader
The Spook Who Sat by the Door - feature by Ivan Dixon, 1973
Harlan County USA - Barbara Kopple 1976
Tatooed Life - Seijan Suzuki
Pitfall - Hiroshi Teshigara, 1962
Various docs - Frederick Wiseman
Grunwick Affair doc -
Pressure - Horace Ove
Sir, No, Sir - doc on Vietnam refusnik soldiers, David Zeiger, 2005 and
Les Hommes du port, Alain Tanner (1995)
WorkingMans Death
Do buy Dubai - short Documentary on Dubai lots of good interviews
Megacities - as above but global
Chop Shop - 2004? film on LA 12year old stakhanovite mechanic/hustler
Salt of the Earth (Union of Mine and Smelter) US Heroic Labour film 1950s
on Mexican mining labour organising - proposed by audience member)
A Man is Not a bird - Dusan Makavejev (lyrical film about Yugoslavian mining town by the director more famous for W.R. Mysteries of the Organism good on worker bureaucracy/theft at work/aristocracy of labour
match factory girl by Kaurismaki)
time out by Laurent cantet
Blue Collar, feature on Detroit auto-workers in the 1980s
Harlan County usa by Barbara Kopple
Frederick Wiseman's docs
Pressure by Horace Ove (1st UK black filmmaker's feature - on kid's search
for work and radicalisation through defeat/disaffection with work) Stewart Home review
documentary 'Workingmans Death' (2005), which is about the non-
disapearance of dangerous, all too material labour,
Seafarers (2004) documentary on sea-faring labour by Jason Massot -

Useful Libcom list of workerist films:

The list of films is from the book Desde que los Lumière filmaron a los obreros: el mundo del trabajo en el cine written by published by Nossa y Jara Editores, S.L. «Madre Tierra» connected to the CNT in Madrid.

This is where things get slightly insane, we have no interest in showing all these films nor producing a comprehensive or encyclopedic programme of films about work, nonetheless if anyone is interested in doing so or wanted to research this subject the resources are here for you. Good luck to ya. a

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