Monday, 29 March 2010


Here it is cinéastes and slackers, the amazing next nine months of scheduled films for Full Unemployment Cinema.

APRIL 25th at 5pm
Office Killer (Cindy Sherman, 1997) + Semiotics of the Kitchen (Martha Rosler, 1975)

MAY 30th at 5pm
The All-Round Reduced Personality (Helke Sander, 1978)

JUNE 27th at 5pm

Description of A Bankruptcy (Lee Kang Hyun, 2006) + South Korean labour shorts + Speaker

JULY 25th at 5pm

Grunwick Dispute 1977 Film Special (Newsreel Collective, 1977) and Speaker

Holiday - No Film this month!!

SEPT 26th at 5pm
UK Car Industry Special! Make It New, John (Duncan Campbell, 2009) + Visteon film + other shorts

OCT 31st at 5pm
Prison Images (Harun Farocki, 2000) + prison shorts plus Speaker

NOV 28th at 5pm
Hour Of The Furnaces (Octavio Getino + Fernando Solanas, 1968)

DEC 19th at 5pm

(one week earlier than usual)
Zombies! Undead Capital and Labour (maybe!!) Send ideas!!

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