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The Immediate Broth Thursday 28th July

Thursday 28th July
The Immediate Broth


Glasgow / Edinburgh Film-making collective, The Immediate Broth, present their recent films

Doors 7.30pm

Film Programme starts 8pm

Neil Gray,UK (2010, 11 minutes)

Palimpsest is composed of ten one-minute theses forming an interrogative essay on the constructed face of urban erasure in the West Midlands. The film focuses on The Public, a multi-purpose arts, community and business space designed by Will Alsop. While city boosters hail the ‘creative advantage’ offered by The Public, the film investigates another possibility: that West Bromwich is “neither Shoreditch nor Manhattan”, and cultural regeneration policy merely marks the weak emulation of losing formulas; a loss leader in a zero-sum game.

The Process
Sacha Kahir, UK (2010, 21 mins)

The Process is a ghost story, where dead industry and new industries of rehabilitation and the black economy loom large. Made with a group of ex-homeless people in Dunfermline, and set in a non-place somewhere between a ghost town and the clinic. The film explores themes of memory and identity on both a personal and social level. Examining the industrial warehousing of the poor in institutions and sink estates, it uses distanciation to create a constantly shifting narrative, where the various subjective experiences of those involved intertwine.

Vaguing in Oppidanus
Neil Gray / Sacha Kahir, 2010 ( UK, 20 mins)

In 18th century Edinburgh, the presbyterian Taliban would seize idlers for ‘vaguing’ on the sabbath. This film, a low rent version of the works of Patrick Keiller or Chris Petit, takes a vague and runs with it, drifting it’s way across the atomised spaces of Edinburgh. As good ‘proletarian shoppers’, the filmmakers appropriate freely from a range of historical and radical texts to create a collage-work which critically explores modern urban life.

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